Happy Halloween from UCEC! We're getting ready for a fun-filled weekend of tricks and treats. But sometimes, we all need a little help to get across that ghoulish finish line. Below are three last-minute tips and tricks to make your Halloween a little more festive. Enjoy!


Expressive Pumpkin

Keep the designs simple, especially when you’re working with children. A crescent moon and a star make expressive eyes. A triangle nose is classic. Tip: Cut the opening in the top at a 45-degree angle so it will have something to rest on. Do not cut straight down, because the lid will fall into the gutted pumpkin. Source: Southern Living. 


Easy and Elegant

Design by Brian Patrick Flynn for

Design by Brian Patrick Flynn for

Take hurricane lamps, fill halfway with candy corn and then set candles inside. Add a little more candy and voila! Festive and easy. Source:










DIY Magic

Headed to a party but don't have a costume? By now, everyone knows that Googling "DIY costume" will return thousands of results. So, have at it and get that costume in gear.

We suggest you kick it old school and go for a nostalgic touch like this Bob Ross costume idea. Genius! Source: PopSugar

DIY costumes are the best! Photo courtesy of PopSugar. 

DIY costumes are the best! Photo courtesy of PopSugar