Editor's note: This post continues our blog series, "Behind the Craftsmanship of an Industrial Control Panel." Today, we’re featuring a conversation between Paula Zangari, Operations Support Manager, and John Beattie, Operations Manager for Production. Their comments have been edited for clarity and space.

Interviewer: John, tell us about an aspect of Quality Assurance at UCEC that matters to you?

John Beattie: Before a panel goes out the door, we’re making sure that it’s getting cleaned up. We’re checking that wires are neat, covers are put back on and the panel is wiped down.

Paula Zangari:  Another part of Quality Assurance that I think about at UCEC is the conversations we have with customers at the start of a project. We might look at the drawings the customer delivers and ask a lot of questions. Sometimes, we say, “We’ve tackled a problem like this in the past, what do you think?”

We also keep really good records, so even if it’s been two years, we want the customer to have the same panel they had before, with panel updates, of course.

  Our wiring team at work in the UCEC shop. 

Our wiring team at work in the UCEC shop. 

John: We look at past project photos. We make sure the panduit is the same color, details like that.

Paula: Customers notice when we catch things on the drawings. They often say, “Thank you for remembering that!” when we point out a detail of a panel we made in 2013. Even though it’s 2015, we want the customer to be assured we’re creating their panels with their preferred details.

Interviewer: It sounds like UCEC’s attention to detail is present every step of the way.

John: This attention to detail is our forte. Customers have an expectation of UCEC. And it’s not just one department that focuses on the details. Everyone’s eyes and technical skills are involved in these panels.

Interviewer: How does location affect the care of panels?

Paula: That all starts in the quoting process. Some panels go in buildings but some are outside in the middle of nowhere. So, we have to make sure the customer knows how to protect the panels.

Sometimes, location leads to innovation. We had one project where we used anti-glare window protection on a panel cover. It was a unique, custom solution.

John: We need to know whether the panel will be around water, for instance. Or if it’s a gas plant. A lot of details happen early on, like Paula mentioned. These panels are tough but they are also sensitive to mishandling. Most customers know this, but we’re here to answer any questions they have.


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